Fall 2020

embraces the

Magic of Constructive Creative Spirit and Complexities

Inspired by the
Music and Humanitarian
of a Jazz Icon

The Original

964 Bathurst Street

Hosted top national, international and award-winning artists such as:

‘‘Trane Studio represents a timely and important contribution to the cultural landscape of the Regent Park neighbourhood. Embracing music, theatre, spoken word, visual arts and film, I envision the Trane Studio as serving as a dynamic community hub where mentorship, education, and fellowship will be fostered, collectively building a better future society for all. Named in honour of… John Coltrane, the new Trane Studio will build on the legacy of the original The Trane Studio that was such an integral part of Toronto’s creative community from 2003-2012, presenting both local and international artists of the highest calibre.’’

Professor, 6 time Grammy Nominee- Author/Producer


Promised future artists include:

Future Home for Trane Studio

DuEast Tower Residence, opening 2020

• In one of Toronto’s most desirable and fastest growing neighbourhoods. (Over 45 000 new residents within the next 5 – 10 years)

• Situated at Dundas Street East and Tubman Avenue, in the heart of the award-winning Regent Park revitalization.

• 65 acres of development that will include 6-acre park, aquatic centre, 2.8-acre athletic grounds, schools, shopping, dining, and more.

Trane will be the seminal and pioneering cultural and community arts and entertainments destination.

Daniels is Trane’s supportive community partner

Trane will be a state-of-the-art cultural arts, restaurant and destination landmark

Projection Mapping and Imaging

• Special Concerts and Events Space

Virtual reality

• Content creation and distribution Partners

• Technology Partnerships – ARHT, etc.

Live content creation, Streaming and Licensing

• Future Franchise opportunities

Trane will create a diverse community and mentorship outreach program

• Create Scholarships and Grants available for emerging and established artists (Musicians, Visual Artists, Multidisciplinary and Technology and Media)

• Create an educational platform for ongoing community support

• Launch not-for-profit “” to support community outreach


Frank Francis founded and managed Toronto’s original The Trane Studio for 10 years. He is the Founding Artistic Director for Caliban Arts Theatre, founded in 1995.

Anthony MAIR

Anthony has been the Award-Winning Executive and Corporate Chef for several notable restaurants, and was owner of Mardi Gras Bistro.


Former CEO and Co-founder of HiveWire Inc., a successful six-year Toronto tech company in the crowdfunding and fintech space.


President and CEO of Rhed Design team. Del is an acclaimed and award-winning designer with an award-winning design firm.

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